What is Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch? What are the requirements to use it?

Hole19 Golf GPS for Smartwatch is a standalone application that will allow you to play your round without the need of a smartphone. The watch will take care of calculating distances & gathering course information for you.

Automatic Hole Change, which detects whenever you are moving to the next hole and automatically updates the selected hole. You can easily turn this setting on/off from the Settings menu during the round.

The App will always present you the 15 courses closest to your GPS position.

Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_14.51.55.pngTo use the app, you’ll need a smartwatch running Wear OS 2.0 that is equipped with an embedded GPS (locational information is fetched using the GPS sensor).


Note 1: This is only a GPS tool. You can’t currently use it to keep your score or track your stats.

Note 2: Please make sure to download your course while connected to wi-fi or mobile data before you head out for your round, as the watch does not need to use data. This way you will save battery.


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