How to use the Distance Tracker on my iPhone or Apple Watch?

First, please make sure to update your Hole19 App to the latest available version and to upgrade to Premium.

On your iPhone: You’re winding up for a big drive off the 1st tee and want to know how far it goes?

In the aerial view of the hole on the Hole19 App, you’ll notice the ‘TRACKER’ tab at the bottom-right corner. Please note that to see it, you'll need to start a round selecting Scoring mode.


Before you hit the shot you wish to track, tap this to open the tracking options. From this screen, press the green ‘Play’ button to start tracking your distance.


Now, play your shot and begin walking towards your ball.

As you walk along, you’ll notice the distance updating. Once you have reached your ball, press the red ‘Stop’ button.


That’s it! Consider your distance tracked.


On your Apple WatchYou’re ready to bomb a long drive and you want to use Distance Tracker to see exactly how far it goes.

First, locate the ‘Tracker’ option. Force touch on the center of the distances screen and the Tracker will appear.


Once you’ve opened up the ‘Tracker’ you’ll be presented with the option to start tracking your distance.

When you are ready to play your ball, press the green ‘Play’ button and take your shot.


As you move towards your ball you’ll notice the distance updating on your watch. Once you reach it, press the red ‘Stop’ button to complete the distance tracking.


That’s it! Now all that’s left is to share it with your admiring playing partners.


Need to Pause or reset? It’s easy to do.

To pause, simply press the red ‘Stop’ button and when you’re ready to resume press the green ‘Play’ button.

To reset, press the red ‘Stop’ button followed by the grey ‘Reset’ button. This will reset your counter to zero, press the green ‘Play’ button when you’re ready to resume.

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