How to use the Shot Tracker on my iPhone? Does it work on my Apple Watch?

Please make sure to update your Hole19 App to the latest available version and upgrade to Premium.

Our old Premium Distance Tracker feature has been revamped, and it's got a shiny new name: Shot Tracker. But that's not all. As well as a different name, this feature offers many new functionalities to enhance your Hole19 Premium experience further!

As before, you will be able to measure your shot's distance as you walk to your ball, but now you can also save each tracked shot - including club and lie - to your Club Stats. Additionally, you'll also be able to share them to your feed!


See below how to use this feature on your iPhone:


What about your Apple Watch? 

We will work to deliver you this enhancement in the future but you can still use the old Distance Tracker!


You're ready to bomb a long drive and you want to use Distance Tracker to see exactly how far it goes. First, locate the 'Tracker' option. Force touch on the center of the distances screen and the Tracker will appear.


Once you’ve opened up the ‘Tracker’ you’ll be presented with the option to start tracking your distance. 

When you are ready to play your ball, press the green ‘Play’ button and take your shot.


As you move towards your ball you’ll notice the distance updating on your watch. Once you reach it, press the red ‘Stop’ button to complete the distance tracking.


That’s it! Now all that’s left is to share it with your admiring playing partners.


Need to Pause or reset? It’s easy to do.

To pause, simply press the red ‘Stop’ button, and when you’re ready to resume press the green ‘Play’ button.

To reset, press the red ‘Stop’ button followed by the grey ‘Reset’ button. This will reset your counter to zero, press the green ‘Play’ button when you’re ready to resume.



This is not the Shot by Shot input mode. Shot by Shot is a scoring input mode designed to let you track all your shots in the golf round, shot by shot and club by club. It's mandatory to track all the shots selecting the Club used and Lie. With Shot Tracker you can track just some of your shots considering their distance, those that are really worth keeping, but it won't allow you to keep track of your Putting (putting distance is generally not a relevant statistic). Also with Shot Tracker, you can post the shot to your feed and share it with your friends!

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