Advanced Input (shot-by-shot tracking)

A Quick Guide to using Advanced Input


Step 1: Before you start, tell us what’s in your golf bag.

Open the app and head over to the ‘More’ section by tapping the three dots at the bottom of the screen.

On the next screen, you’ll see the option 'My Bag' - Open this up and update the page with the clubs you have in your bag. Be sure to update the distances you can hit, because this feature is responsible for the accuracy of the suggested club on the advanced input.




Step 2: Start your round

Go to 'Courses', choose your course and set up your round.

When on the course make sure to have the Advanced Input toggle 'On'. Press ‘Start Round’ and you’re ready to go.



Step 3: On the tee - Set your tee position

Before you tee off on each hole, stroll into the tee with your app open and set your tee position for that hole. Just tap the 'Tee icon' within the bottom-left circle and select ‘Set Tee Position - Using your GPS Position’.

Tee position set? You’re ready to tee off. Happy hunting!



Step 4: We’ll suggest a club

Based on the clubs you have in your bag and the distances you input at Step 1, we’ll recommend a club for your shot.

If you’re happy with our suggestion you can accept and play on. If not, you can tap the 'Suggestion card’ and change it to the club you want to use. Don’t worry, we won’t be offended!

You can now start using the Target cursor to plan your shot. Drag the Target anywhere on the hole map to see distances.

You’ve hit your ball, now it’s time to record it's lie. Once you have reached your ball, just tap ‘Save’. Doing this will bring up a new ‘card’ with a suggested lie - if you need to change this, you can do so by tapping the suggestion card and selecting the correct lie option.

Once you do this, you’ll proceed onto your next shot. Following steps will be repeated until the ball lie is set to ‘Green’.



Step 5: You’re on the green (nice work!), time to set the 'Flag location'.

Once the lie is set to green the club selection will automatically update guessed it...a putter. Focus on your putting!

After you hole out, tap on the 'Putt button' and record the number of putts you took.

In tracking your shots, you have also recorded your score and stats for the hole.

As soon as you add the number of putts it takes you to hole the ball, the hole will be saved.

One down, seventeen to go!



Bonus: Can I make changes once a hole has been saved?

Forget a stroke? Or perhaps you just made a mistake? No problem. During the round, you can go back at any time and edit anything from a previous hole.

Need anything else? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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