Start Round & Round Setup

From the 'Courses' tab, tap 'Nearby' or 'Synced'. You can also search your course by tapping the 'Searching icon'. Click here for further details.

After download your course once, it will be saved on the Synced list for future rounds, unless you delete the app. Then you'll need to download the courses again.

Note: Now that you've already downloaded your course, you can play your round offline if you wish to. If you're a Premium golfer and want to use Notes, you'll have to play online. We're working to improve this for a future update.


Once at 'Round Setup' screen, select the Scoring Mode that better suits your game, your 'Starting Tee', 'Distance Units' and 'Playing Handicap' if necessary and choose between 'Stroke Play' and 'Stableford'. You can also add players

If you want to 'Track Health Information' turn the respective toggles on.

Press 'Download Map' (or 'Start Round' if you already played this course) when you're ready!


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