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Many of you have requested the ability to add friends from your Hole19 Buddies' list. Well, now you can!

And what if my buddy isn't still a Hole19 member? Then you probably should convince them showing what they have been missing. But worry not, you can still create a new player that hasn't already signed up. I'll show you how to do it right away.

If you want to add a player from your Hole19 Buddies list (the golfers that you're following), all you need to do is to tap on 'Courses' at the bottom bar, choose your course and start a round.

Now on the 'Round Setup' you will find three slots with the option 'Add'. Choose a slot and your Buddies list will show up, select the player you want to add and it will be automatically added to the slot.


In the end, your buddies will receive the scorecard in the email address linked to their Hole19 accounts.



If your Buddy is not a Hole19 member, it's also easy to add them - and you'll only need to do this once (unless you reinstall the Hole19 App, then you'll have to add them again). On the Round Setup, tap on an empty slot and then on the '+' icon in the top-right corner. Fill in their information and select 'Create and add' when you're done.


At the end of your round, when you tap 'Save Round', a message will pop up for you to fill in their email in order for us to send them the scorecard.



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