Searching Courses

Hole19 will automatically suggest your golf course based on your location once you get to the course, but you can still comfortably search the course at home. Then you will be presented with the ‘Suggested’ and ‘Synced’ sections on the 'Courses' screen.




'Suggested' - the app will present you curated lists, such as most played courses in your country, top rated, quickest to play, etc. If you keep scrolling down, after the curated lists, the 'Nearby' courses will show up. Tap on the course name to open its 'Course Profile' and then 'Start Round'.




'Synced' - will show you all the courses that have been previously downloaded. This way you won't need to download the course every single time you go golfing and an internet connection is no longer required. Simply tap on the name to visit the 'Course Profile' or skip this part by choosing 'Start Round'.






You can also use the 'Search Icon' (top-right corner) for a global search. Just type in the location or the course name.

Did you search a location? Then tap the respective city/state/country and choose the course name. From the 'Course Profile' tap 'Start Round'

Did you search by name? Then the course will appear. Go to the 'Course Profile' and 'Start Round'.




Use the 'Map Icon' (top-right) to look for your course on the map. It's a great way to also check the course ratings! Ratings are submitted by the golf course community.

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