Shot-by-Shot (was Advanced Input)

Set up your Bag

Before start playing your game, you should tell us what's in your golf bag. This feature is responsible for the accuracy of the suggested club (lie result) on the advanced input.

Open the app and head over to the ‘More’ tab and then tap 'My bag'. Here you should introduce all the clubs you have in your bag and the distances you can hit.


Before your game

Go to 'Courses', choose your course > Download Map > Set up your round by tapping on your profile picture > 'Start Round' when you're ready to go!


NOTE - After starting your round, tap the bottom bar > Settings > Make sure to turn the GPS mode on and check if you want turn on/off any option.


Setting Tee Position

When standing on the tee, tap on the Tee icon in the bottom-left.

Select Set Tee Position if you want to use your current location as Tee Position.

You can now start using the Target cursor to plan your shot. Drag the Target anywhere on the hole map to see distances.


Tracking Shots

After (and only after) you hit your tee shot and reach the place where your ball landed, tap on the 'Club button' to record your shot.

The app makes a calculated guess on club used and lie result. You can edit this information and confirm.

Your shot is recorded, and the distance of that shot will appear on the right of the screen.


On the Green

Once you reach the Green, focus on your putting.

After you hole out, tap on the Putt button and record the number of putts you took.

In tracking your shots, you have also recorded your score and stats for the hole.


Note: Advanced Input for Apple Watch is a feature we intend on delivering, but there is no timetable to communicate as of yet.

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