Review & Edit Round

To edit or review a saved round, tap 'Performance' at the bottom bar > 'View All' under Rounds and select the round you'd like to edit and enter in its 'Round Summary'. 


On the top-right corner, you'll find the 'More icon' (3-dots), tap there, and choose 'Review Round'.


Then you should be able to scroll through the holes and make the necessary edits and additions before saving your changes.

To save, just open the tray at the bottom of the screen and tap 'Finish Review'.



Shot-by-Shot (was Advanced Input): If you used Shot-by-Shot, you can see all your tracked shots. To move any shot(s), tap on the circle icon of the appropriate shot number and drag it to the correct place. To edit/delete you have to delete the last stroke and work your way backward from there. Normally, that means your putts (there's no lie or club to edit for putts, so the only option with putts is to delete).

After deleting your putts, you will have the option to **delete, edit, or move** the most recent recorded shot.

When editing and adding shots in Shot-by-Shot mode while off the course, make sure to turn GPS Mode 'Off'.



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