Simple Input

After search your course, tap 'Start Round' (if you've already downloaded it, you'll find the course on the 'Synced' tab).

On the 'Round Setup' screen choose the 'SIMPLE' input mode. This mode will allow you to record key stats including strokes, putts and driving accuracy, as well as having GPS distances during the round.

Setup your round and tap 'Play' when you're ready!


At the end of each hole simply swipe left or tap the ‘Right Arrow’ at the bottom bar to add your strokes and stats. 

To 'Finish' and 'Save' your round, tap on the bottom bar to open the options.


Note: Use the 'Pick Up' option when you don't want to play that hole anymore. This could be caused by too many strokes or too much time. The Pick Up option can also be used when playing 'Match Play' and a partner completes the hole with a better score.

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