I want my money back, how do I do this?

Hole19 WebsiteContact us explaining why do you want a refund and our team will help to find the better solution.

App StoreYou can get a refund using iTunes. To do this you'll need to present a valid reason taking into account the store guidelines.

To request a Refund on iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer;
  • Select iTunes Store;
  • In the right side, under Music, you'll find Account, click on it;
  • Type in your password when prompted so you can proceed;
  • Scroll down until Purchase History and click on See All;
  • You'll be able to see a list of your purchases, just click on the arrow right next to the purchase you'd like a refund for;
  • Click on Report a Problem and you'll be routed to Apple's website;
  • Just follow the steps, choose the Refund option and explain your reasons.

Please click here for further help.

Google Play StorePlease click here to learn more about Returns and Refunds on Google Play.

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