Fairway Hit and GIR - How should I take advantage from these insights?

Learn how you can take advantage of tracking your Fairway Hit % and your Green In Regulation % and use them to improve your performance!

Stats on Hole19 are fed by your personal game. Make sure to track every shot with the App and check your Stats after the game. Simply tap your Profile icon at the bottom bar and then the Stats icon on the right (under the Followers list). There you can see your Stats sorted by Overall, Last 20 and Last 5. You can also check your Stats for specific rounds (Profile icon on the bottom bar > Flag icon on center > choose a round from the list). 

On the following example you can see the golfer hits the fairway 63.9% of the times and most likely misses to the right. This gives a pretty good indication on what the golfer should focus on.

Fairway Hit - When from the starting tee the golfer hits the fairway on the first stroke.


Green in Regulation (GIR) - When your golf ball is touching the putting surface in the expected number of strokes in relation to par (the par number for a hole always includes two putts). On a Par 5 hole, for example, that par of 5 is made up of a drive, 2 approach shots into the green, a putt to the hole, and a putt into the hole. So to achieve a GIR:

  • On a Par 3 you have to be on the green on your first shot to claim a Green in Regulation;
  • On a Par 4 you have to be on the green by your second shot for a GIR;
  • Par 5 hole: you have to be on the green by your third shot for a GIR.


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