Hole19 Widget

With the iOS10 you just need to swipe left on the lock page or home screen to check your widgets.

You can see the widget as an App extension that offers you quick and concise information without having to open the App at all. It's possible to see your widgets without unlocking your iPhone.

To start using the Hole19 widget you'll need to have the latest App version installed. Please go to your App Store, search for Hole19 and if an Update button comes out, just tap to download. If the Open button comes out, then it means you already have the latest update. Now, you'll have to Add your Hole19 Widget.

If your screen is locked, tap the home button and swipe left to view your widgets. On an unlocked device use this same gesture and you can view widgets to the left of your main home screen. When on the widgets screen, scroll down and tap Edit. Add Hole19 and press Done. Enjoy!

If you have an iPhone 6S or above you can also use the 3D Touch. Just press the Hole19 icon to reveal shortcuts and the widget, regardless of whether or not you've added it to your list.


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