Sign In vs. Sign Up (Android)

We often receive some questions about our Sign In/Sign Up screen and we fully understand that it might be a bit confusing. Especially if you have an Android smartphone - iOS has a different screen.

To start using Hole19 it's required that you create an account - Sign Up. You can either choose to create this account via 'Facebook' or 'Email'. If you select 'Facebook', simply follow the steps presented during the process; if you select 'Email', you'll need to fill in your first and last names. You'll only need to do it once though, the next time you see this screen you'll be Signing In to your already existing account.

Explore the following animation to find out to what you'll be presented when creating a new account:

On the other hand, if you've already created a new account, this screen will sometimes appear but for you to Sign In and not to Sign Up as you already did. Explore the next animation to understand what you'll see when you're signing in:

Notes: The system doesn't accept the creation of multiple accounts attached to the same email address, but it just takes an imperceptible distraction to type in your regular email with a little typo and, in this case, the system will understand that act as if you're introducing a new email in the database. Therefore, it will prompt you to create a new account - 'Sign Up' - instead of prompting you to 'Sign In'.

If you've created your account with 'Facebook' or 'Google', simply tap the respective button to Sign In. Please be aware that if you are signed in to a different Facebook account by the time you're signing in on Hole19, you'll be creating a new Hole19 account attached to another Facebook account.

To set a new password tap 'Forgot Password?' on your Hole19 app or click here. Instructions will be emailed to you.

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