Club Recommendation

Brace yourself! =D

Here's what you have been asking for: Club Recommendations!

As you move the target to get distances anywhere on the golf course, Hole19 will automatically give you the club recommendation.

1st things first: head to the 'My Bag' section by tapping 'More' at the bottom bar and make sure to customise your virtual golf bag with the right clubs and respective personal distances.



2nd: tap 'Courses' > Choose the course in which you will play your round > Start Round > Setup your Round > Play

3rd and last step: if you are still not seeing the Club Recommendations, tap at the bottom bar to open the settings tray > Settings > Make sure the 'Club Recommendation' toggle is on > Go back to your round, move the crosshair over the screen and Hole19 will tell you what is the perfect club to hit that spot.

Use the animation below to interact with this feature:


- Club Recommendation is currently only available for Premium iOS golfers.

- If the complete Premium package doesn’t suit you well, you will be happy to know that Club Recommendation can be unlocked for just €1.49 / month (via App Store) through the plan Premium Lite Birdie. See here how to subscribe!

- You can keep using Hole19 on tournaments simply by switching the Club Recommendation toggle off.

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