Apple Watch - How do I return to the Hole19 App?

Tired of raising your wrist and see the watch face instead of the Hole19 App? This article is for you. 🙂

First - Please check that your Settings are according to the following:

Go to Settings on your Apple Watch > General > Wake Screen > Wake Screen on Wrist Raise (switch the toggle on) > Scroll down and select Always

Second - Make sure to add Hole19 to the “Dock” section:

On your iPhone go to the Watch App > My Watch tab > Scroll down > Dock > Edit > Tap on the + icon to add Hole19 and choose the position by dragging the cell > Done

Doing this allows you to access Hole19 on your Apple Watch simply by tapping the side button beneath the Digital Crown.

Third and the most important - This happens especially when you use the Apple Watch and the glove on the same hand. If you press the Digital Crown by mistake simply by rubbing it against your hand/glove, your Apple Watch will exit the App and show you the watch face. This screen will be the last screen shown, so when you raise your wrist you’ll see the watch face again and not the last App used. To return to the App, double-tap the digital crown as shown in the video below.

Note: If you're right-handed and use the Apple Watch and the glove on the left hand, you'll want to see this article.

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