Match Play

'Match Play' is a scoring system in which a player/team compete against each other hole-by-hole. Golfers are awarded points when they win a hole. The team/player who wins the most holes wins the match.

Eager to try this new premium feature? It's really easy to start a 'Match Play' round, just keep reading!

After searching your course tap 'Start a Round' to open the 'Round Setup' screen. Select golf buddies to '+Add' to your round and turn the 'Match Play' toggle 'On'.

You and your friends will be organised in different teams (A and B), depending on the total number of players (2,3 or 4).

It's time to decide if you want to play with 'Net' or 'Gross' points. To use the first option, and consider the difference between handicaps, please turn the 'Net' toggle 'On'. (Click here to know more about it).


Drag your friends' photo to change the teams or tap it to edit their information and the starting tee or to remove them from the match.

When everything is set correctly tap the 'Play' blue button and enjoy your game!


During a Round, you can concede a hole to your adversary (admit that the other player won without actually finishing the hole). To do so, select the 'Concede Hole' option (top right) on the scoring screen.

Track teams' scores in real time. Tap the bottom button and then 'Scorecard'.



- A Matchplay round cannot be used for handicap purposes or to generate Highlights/Stats.

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