Match Play Handicap

Do you have doubts about Match Play Scores? Don't know how your handicap will impact the round? Don't worry, the Hole19 app will calculate everything for you.

Make sure your friends' handicaps and starting tees are correct before start playing. Add the scores for each hole like you do with the Simple Input mode and leave the rest to us!


What is the difference between Net and Gross scores?

Net Scores - toggle 'On'

Your 'Match Play Handicap' (M.HCP) will be the difference between your Playing Handicap and the one from the player with the lowest value.

 - ‘Player A Phcp = 10’ and ‘Player B Phcp = 12’
That translates into:
 - ‘Player A M.HCP 10-10= 0 strokes’ and ’Player B M.HCP 12-10= 2 strokes'

So, Player B will benefit from 2 extra strokes. This strokes will be applied to the lowest SI (1 and 2).

Gross Scores - toggle 'Off'

The handicap is not considered, so no one will benefit from extra strokes (adjustments).

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