Hole19-LIVE: Live leaderboards within the Hole19 app

With the new Hole19-Live feature, you can compete with your friends by creating LIVE leaderboards within the Hole19 app.



Open the Hole19 App, go to the ‘More’ section, and tap ‘Leaderboards’. Select 'Create New' (blue button) and start building your leaderboard:

  • Give it a name;
  • Set the day the round will be played;
  • Look for your course name and select it;
  • Choose the correct tee-boxes to be used (if a friend selects a different tee from the ones that were chosen, they will not appear on the Leaderboard);
  • Choose the scoring mode (Stableford or Stroke Play);
  • Finally, tap 'Create Leaderboard' (blue button) to save all the information.




You will receive a pop-up message with an INVITE link. Share the link with your friends via Whatsapp, iMessage, or Email for them to join the Leaderboard.





  • Click the invite link and then tap “+ Join” (green button);
  • On the day of the match simply start a round in the Hole19 app just like you usually do. Please make sure to select the correct tee-box and that your handicap is updated - this two factor will affect leaderboard calculations.


💡 You can also share the link with any friends who can't take part and they can follow the leaderboard progress in real-time on any device.💡




  • Use the 'Trophy icon' (top-right) on the flyover screen to see everyone's scores in real-time.
  • When you’re finished, you can check the final scores on the Leaderboards section.




  • Whether you’re inviting friends to join, or you’ve been invited, all participants need to have a Hole19 account.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.
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